Welcome to the new and improved look for Corporate Ballin Inc. We are looking forward to bringing our music fans updated news on our artists around the world! If you want to know who we are, just take a look around and you'll find out. Our goal is to be the world's foremost innovators in the entertainment industry. Our first love is music. Our second love is everything else.

CBMG Compilation and new Reality Show Set To Launch

June 2013 comes the day of renewal for our music group. Corporate Ballin Music Group, or CBMG for short will be unveiling our latest project featuring all of our artists. Along with the compilation, we have set our sights on our very own reality series "Label Life". Together with the help of film production company KMR Productions, CBMG is ready to take the world by storm. More details to come soon!


Breaking Day Joins Remo The Hitmaker

Things are moving along for CBMG ladies Breaking Day. Emily, Nicole, Miranda & Gabriela have some outstanding opportunities coming up, including recording over 15 new songs with Disturbathing tha Peace producer Remo the Hitmaker and New Wave Music.

CBMG - Corporate Ballin' Music Group

Get ready for the new look Corporate Ballin' Music Group! We're proud to announce the new additions to the artist roster of Hustle & Harmony and Papa. Along with our firsts artists Breaking Day and Milli Gang, the label is doing things bigger than we first imagined. Get ready for the industry standard in music!

More details coming soon!